Dance Mom

Isabella’s injured hand.  Don’t worry she’s a survivor.

Isabella had two dance recitals on September 9th & 10th at the Arneson River Theater. The recital stage was set up outdoors by the river walk where tourist and locals could casually walk by to check out the talent.  Since this was my weekend I had the honor to be a backstage dance mom. My duties as a dance mom is pretty much being a performer’s assistant. Helping out with makeup, hair, and getting her costume ready for each dance.

I proudly walked beside Isabella backstage to her dressing room just to hear her say, “Mom, you can go. I got this.”  I stood completely still, repeating her words over and over in my head. I could feel the pity stares from the other dance moms.

“Are you sure?” I asked hoping she would change her mind.

“Yes, you can leave.  I got this.” She answered.

“Fine.” I replied making no eye contact with anyone in the room trying my best not to cry. I gracefully walked out of the dressing room dragging my bruised ego closely behind. The dance recital went well until Isabella injured herself. Apparently, the stage was not sanded and unfinished. While Isabella was dancing she lost her step but caught herself with her hand.  Unfortunately, her hand slide on the wooden stage leaving a ton of splinters in her little hand.

After the dance I could see a look of concern on her face.  She was not happy and guess who she called for? Not her dad. Not her grandparents. Not the Ghostbusters.  She called for me, her mom.  She needed me and only me.  I immediately ran to her rescue.  As I ran past the other moms that gave me pity stares only one thought crossed my mine.  Suck it bitches!


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