I think my neighbor finally killed his lawn mower. RIP

I have interesting neighbors. The house to my left lives a sweet man, his beautiful wife, and six dogs. They have two grown children living on their own but visit during the holidays. I think he suffers from OCD. The day before it rains, he will mow his lawn. Every time. So, if the weather channel says it will rain on Tuesday and Wednesday then again on Saturday. My lovely neighbor will be mowing the lawn on Monday and then again on Friday. I can be sitting in my living room and if I can hear his lawn mower, I am fully aware that it will rain the next day. During the summertime, he mows every weekend. It’s insane. I can hear the radio playing classic rock (Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, etc.) while he works on the yard. Once we were talking outside, I mentioned that our lawn mower was getting fixed, and we were using the weedwhacker to maintain our yard. This man offered to mow our lawn until we got our lawn mower fixed, but I politely declined. There’s nothing wrong with doing some yard maintenance but as sweet as he is, I think he spends too much time outside.

The house to my right lives an older Chicano couple and their grandkids. They’re pretty anal about their yard too. I think my two neighbors are having a small friendly competition against each other. My neighbors to my right have a swimming pool, and they usually have parties. Late at night, they will be playing Vicente Fernandez “Voler, Voler”, Juan Gabriel “Amor Eterno” and Celia Cruz “Guantanamera”. While I lay in my bed listening to music I reminisce about my childhood. Sunday family gatherings, BBQing, and oldies playing on the radio in the background. Since I moved to Helotes away from the southside, away from my comfort zone, I feel misplaced. I think my neighbor can sense it because every Christmas she sends over tamales and Mexican cinnamon cookies. I can’t decide if I feel comforted by the familiarity or feel even lonelier.

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