The View

It was 98 degrees outside, and it was only nine o’clock in the morning. I stared outside at the sliding back door. I just finished listening to the world news. It’s depressing. It’s getting harder and harder to listen to the news. I slowly drank my coffee while I watched the birds eat and play in their bird bath. The sneaky squirrels trying to steal the stray cats food. It seemed peaceful outside, the complete opposite of what I just saw on the news.  While my mother was making me papa con huevo tacos the radio played “Will you still love me tomorrow?” by The Shirelles in the background. The smell of Sumantra coffee filled the air along with spices from my mother’s homemade salsa. I listened to my mother talk to her cat Lizzie with so much love and affection, I waited to see if Lizzie would reply back. We ate in silence looking outside the sliding back door enjoying each others company.    

Note to self: The kitchen is the heart of the home.   

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